Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts, once again. I just finished up a new work, and it always take me a bit of time to want to think about art after that. But I have been working on two new bodies of work, im in a kind of experemental stage, so not to sure how this batch of paintings will turn out, just wanted to step away from what is normal, and comfprtable. Its not all set in stone, but I might do a pop up show with my pals at nine lives, just showing some of these messed up experements.

Also be sure to get your mitts on the next edition of fallen magazine, good people and nice publication. Em made her way out to the studio, we had tea, and chatted about what ever it is we talked about. Also if your in New York, or can get your mitts on the New York Arts Magazine there is a interview and some new works to look at, also i think they did a online thing.