Thursday, September 9, 2010

No post again, but been keeping to myself a bit. Lots going on, including a new studio space, I managed to rent out an old factory in an industrial area not to far from the woods. I will still be living up hear but I cant wait to have a new space with all rooms for my art ! Stoked. Ill put in some shots next month wen I get to move in. Also some images for my next show, it's a two man experimental thing me and my friend Andrew have been wanting to throw together for a year or so now. We decided to hit our friends up at nine lives gallery to host the exhibition. Dates are now all set, - October 28 - Which is rad for us because we get to see some amazing artist run shows as the is on. Our show is titled 'The Water Mountain Experiments' hope if your in the Brisbane area you can pop in.